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They say all great things come to those who wait.. Well.. ROUGH says.. Screw that. It's last century logic anyhow. We're taking all corners of this industry by force right now. No prisoners, no hesitation, no fear.

ROUGH is the birth-child of Iniye James famously know as  Tokyo James within the fashion world, a self made fashion stylist tired of seeing fashion publications constantly dictating styleunder the same format. So, determined to make history, under the staunch universal pledge to work to form a uniqe family of varied creatives, all determined to bring you infinite undefined edge.

ROUGH injects the fun and creativity back into the publishing world of fashion and gleefully breaks ALL the rules with a reckless abandon kept in metaphysical check only by it's dynamic web presence.

ROUGH stands for creatives from all walks of life and  is the embodiment of the drive for self-expression that exists in us all. From established artists to new talent,  ROUGH delivers without prejdice, paving the way for a myriad of super powered new talents. ROUGH sets out to use the spirit of creativity as a viscous adhesive to bridge the gap that exists between industries that seem never to meet; who says photography and film or fashion and arts & culture can't play in the same sandbox? ROUGH believes in the creative individual and sees no boundaries when artistic-minds come together.

We live in an exponetially increasing digital and visual age. As a result of this ROUGH is the first digital-platform to coin the term "cover video", our forefront of filmatic-presentation, featured on our homepage ROUGH is also the first to deciate its self to the world of directors  that create in the fashion commerical and film world  .

Finally, ROUGH is about the heritage of a brand, singing our untold story of struggle against a mainstream current; focusing on fashion, music, photography, film, popular culture and the arts. ROUGH dares to be more creative than it's competition, producing work that thrives solely on it's candid delivery, leaving the reader to do what they will with it. We will neverhave the hubris to say, "This is what you should wear. This is what you should think." We are here to provide you with what is happening, to amuse your eyes, to entertain and stimulate your mind, to offer you something that is visually delicious; we want you to to have an orgy of the senses, a burst of creativity and a sense of standing on the highest mountain, or at least the highest city block if you aren't blessed to live outside the UK... So come closer and enjoy us, although we can't promise we won't bite..


"ROUGH is for the thinker. ROUGH is for the individual. ROUGH is for the creative."




Registered Company Name : Nigel James Worldwide Limited

UK Company Number : 7931357

Registered Address : 1 Freaser Court, 50 Surrey Lane, London , SW11 3TF



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