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Monique Modeste

On 3rd October, Mother London launched Project Bush, calling all women to stand up to the pressures that surround modern society and for women to display their 'lady gardens' for all to see in all their glorious and varied forms. Mother London has been working with feminist groups to address the question of modern femininity.

93 women anonymously stepped up to the challenge and decided to make a stand. The montage was shot by Alisa Cannon who is renowned for capturing celebrity photographs. Project Bush endeavours to remind women that they do not need to confirm to modern society and the pressures and notions that surround waxing. Mother London director Liam Fay- Fright was both shocked and appalled that teenage girls as young as 11 were taking part in waxing. 

Naturally the campaign has caused mixed reactions with some questions being raised with regards to anonymity of the women and the overall campaign. However, undoubtably Project Bush is thought provoking and has acted as a catalyst to bring about change. It has also provided a platform in giving a voice for all those who continue to push for the boundaries surrounding female empowerment. 

The Guardian wrote“once we break down the barrier of talking about boobs, bums and vaginas, it will be a lot better for everyone.”  As a feminist myself i feel that as women we must stand up for what we believe in and therefore encourage others to join the debate. Take your thoughts to twitter by tweeting @motherlondon and #projectbush.

All of the images taken can be seen at Mother London offices at  Biscuit Building, Redchurch Street November 14th-18th.

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