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Founded in 2009, Deryck Todd’s unique and innovative designs have taken Downtown Fashion Underground style by storm and have given aspiring Fashionista’s the means to raise their accessory game to the next level. With his take on the ever so present Snapback, adorned with crystals, spikes, chains and pompoms, his range of the growing and popular trend of snapback couture is definitely one to watch! With each Snapback given a fun and quirky name, we dive into 4 outrageously brilliant creations which we at ROUGH HQ love!

Enter “Goldie Luxe”, an assortment of Gold and Canary Yellow colours to attract even the most colour blind person! Fused together to create a crown of jewels, spikes and chains, fit to be placed upon royalty.

“White Wedding”, a range of Pearls in a sparkling white and light bronze colour partnered with crouched lace leafs and eye catching appliques, creates a piece which Deryck Todd describes as the perfect item for “Bridezillas”.

With prom season coming up, the “Pom Queen” would be the perfect present for any friend unfortunate enough not to hold the title of Prom Queen! Yellow, Green and several other coloured cotton balls fused together with chips of matching plastic, allowing that unfortunate friend to cheer on the success of them becoming The Pom Queen!

And if those 3 didn’t get you enough stares, and you find yourself in need of some extra eyes, the “Staring Problem” is the perfect cap for you! With an array of googly eyes in different sizes married with a vibrant red snapback to keep an eye on all those envious glances coming your way.

If there’s one thing for certain, Deryck Todd has managed to provide a range of caps which highlights the wearer’s personality. With festival season coming up, and people looking to make a statement and get noticed in those densely populated festival crowds, one of these designs will certainly get you the attention you desire and so rightfully deserve!

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