Marz Lovejoy // DOLO

Joss Meek


If you don't know her yet, now is the time to get to know. Marz Lovejoy is a loveable 21 year old rapper, hailing from LA, and with a following to rival the best of them. At a young age you would find Marz writing poetry. This love for lyrics then grew into her rapping, and consequently releasing her own freestyles on youtube and other social media platforms.

Marz's father was a DJ and her mother was a writer, so she grew up in a musical family. This is perhaps one of the main reasons for her undeniable talent and ridiculously vintage sounding, smooth flow. However, we also have to give credit to Marz's incredible work ethic, and strong-willed determination to succeed in the music industry.

After creating an online following for herself, Marz connected with producer, Polyester, and created her debut EP, which was titled 'This Little Light Of Mine'. It was then that Lovejoy really began to shine.

In 2011, she did something which many rappers have only dreamed of, and performed with GZA and Raekwon of Wu Tang Clan. This undeniably fantastic feat was then followed by her opening for the soul legend that is Erykah Badu. At such an early stage in her career, Marz Lovejoy was respected by some of the biggest names in hiphop.

Since her young achievements, Marz has been releasing more material, and has worked with the likes of Smoke DZA and Pac Div.

Now, as 2013 begins, Marz has released the debut single from her forthcoming album 'Elephant Soundz.'
'DOLO' is that single, and it is an absolute pleasure for the ears.

What better way to get you chilled and head-boppin' on this sunshine-filled tuesday morning. We love Marz Lovejoy, and we can't get enough of this track.

Stream the track above.

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