Elli Ingram // Poetic Justice

Joss Meek

It's time for you all to meet Elli Ingram. If you haven't come across her already, Elli is the UK female, vocal powerhouse who has previously been featured on Benny Banks' single 'Let Me Be.'

Making big waves in her own right, and releasing her own plethora  of tracks and covers via youtube, Elli Ingram has now added a new song to her repertoire, which has seen enormous and speedy success. Elli's cover of Kendrick Lamar's 'Poetic Justice' received over 100K views in under two weeks, and has been featured on some of the biggest and respected music-sites around, including World Star Hip Hop.

Elli kills this track, singing not only the sampled Janet Jackson banger "Anytime, Anyplace"; but, also rejuvinating Drake's feature, and Kendrick's flow, into a soulful and powerful vocal melody. If you could hold a song, this is one that you can't put down. You definitely can't just listen to this once.  Big ups have to be delved out to the producers of the track, Rudi Redz and Felix Joseph.

The visuals for 'Poetic Justice' are simple, yet chic and effortless. Elli exudes confidence, class, and style, making herself prominent as a force to be reckoned with in the UK female vocalist scene. Elli's voice is as versatile as it is honey-toned, and she has already proved that we're going to see alot more of her in 2013.

Rough's 'One To Watch', Elli Ingram is going to brighten your dreary tuesday right up.

Check out the visuals  above  and give your ears a treat.

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