Think Gia Carangi, in the middle of her addictions. Callous, mischievous and one of the biggest rebels the modelling world had ever seen, she did what she wanted, wore what she wanted and carried whatever attitude she felt like that day with an air of “I’m right, you’re wrong”.

For the times you wish to pull out you’re darker side, this clean structured jacket mixed with make- up that screams mysterious is a brilliant combination for anyone wishing to venture into the modern day goth trend.

 Start off with a smooth slightly dewy base such as CHANEL Vitalumiere, perfect as a translucent veil to even out your skin.Add a dusting of Orgasm Blusher from NARS on the cheeks, and try the LAURA MERCIER Matte Bronze to strongly contour the cheeks, nose and temples to give a harder look.

 To recreate these fantastic  sexy eyes use soft black eyeshadow, try ARMANI Eyes To Kill in Obsidion Black for an intense colour pay off, with colours such as these, apply the eyes before the base to avoid black eyeshadow dropping onto your foundation base. Use a hard black kohl pencil, BECCA  Automatic Eyeliner in Black provides long wearing smudge proof intensity, on and below the waterline, use fingers or cotton buds to smudge the liner.  Define brows using LAURA MERCIER Brow Pencil in Brunette. This look is best a little messy, if you have longer hair a slick back ponytail works best. If your hair is short try using some of the PERCY AND REED Finishing Polish, to add texture and body to the hair.

Styling: ANDRÉ DEVEAUX; Photography: ALEXANDRA LEESE; Model: CAMILLA HAMILTON- PARIS; Hair & Make Up: SUZIE LOVE; Retouching & Layout: ANDRÉ WILSON Fashion Assistance: NIA WILSON


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