ROUGH UK Sunday Night @ Piano Works

Your Sunday is no longer going to be a dreading night after ''The Piano Works'' in Farringdon launched it's Sunday night as music night where one could go and be part of music history. With it's laid back and intimate venue, ''The Piano Works'' has been and will always be where music is at the heart at every Sunday night.

ROUGH UK was happy to be part of its launch where Patrick Alan and 10 Piece Band took the stage and entertained invited guest to to some classic and funky R&B tunes. The Piano Works is openned every other sunday at 7pm. 

Here is jest of some of the good tunes that was played on the night. ROUGH UK presents Sunday night @ The Piano Works

  • Filming & Editing: B-Raw Visual Photography
  • Conceptual Idea: Cuba Charles
  • Public Relation: Essence - Communications


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